Video: Visiting Japan in 2015


In January, 2015, I visited Japan for 8 days taking in the sights in Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima. I had always wanted to use the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) and finally got the chance when visiting Kyoto and Hiroshima departing from the Shin-Osaka station.

It was pretty cold as you can see from some of photos and I definitely wasn’t dressed for the occasion, having just flown out, after spending several months in Malaysia.

I stayed in a capsule hotel that had some unexpected and surprising features that I had not anticipated, but it was an interesting experience to say the least!. I spent the day in Kyoto and visited the Manga museum which is housed in a converted school. And I also spent the day at Hiroshima and stood where the bomb had detonated.

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I wondered what the noise was!

Walking the streets of Penang, in search of a Thali, looking around Little India, I found a place that does excellent food. Whilst I was waiting for my meal to be prepared, I heard music coming from outside the restaurant:


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Video: India 2010

This journey started in a town called Tiruchirappalli, or Trichy for short. I spent a couple of days in Trichy before getting the train towards Kerala in Southern India, arriving at a town called Madurai.

Madurai is a holy city and, as luck would have it, a spiritual festival called ‘Pongal’ was in full swing as I arrived.

I make a comment about a cow eating cement outside a building site, but more than likely it was just a bag of flour left for the sacred animal. However, the goats are indeed eating plastic!

I met a group of young travellers on a program, teaching English in India for 10 weeks. It was one of the guy’s birthday, and we spend a few hours drinking in a couple of bars. Afterwards, I invited everyone back to my hotel room for a party.

(Unfortunately, my camera had mud in its eye, so some of the photos and clips are spoilt by a black dot on the inside of my lens.)

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