Japan expects apology for Hiroshima

After visiting both The Death Railway and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, it really erks me that the Japanese expect an apology for the Hiroshima bombing. Don’t get me wrong, the atrocity carried out by the Allies during the Second World War was disgusting and I don’t condone it at all.

However, the Japanese were brutal during their wartime campaigns across Asia in their attempts to become the commanding power in Asia following centuries of European dominance in the region. Unfortunately, even in today’s age of fingertip knowledge and technology much of the details about the Japanese atrocities have been largely expurgated in Japan and much of the populous remains ignorant.

In 2009, I visited the Hellfire Pass in Kanchanaburi in Thailand, which was one of the sections of railway that suffered the heaviest loss of life, and for the first time, I recognised what horrors human beings can inflict on one another. However, I was still stunned at the things I saw at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in 2015.

9 Hellfire pass

Walking through the Hellfire Pass

The Japanese people certainly deserve an apology for the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, however perhaps they should also recognise the hell-on-earth they unleashed during their campaign for Asian, and possibly world, domination.

Both sides suffered terribly in the War and I think the Japanese need to take a look at their own history before they condemn the US for using a weapon during a time of conflict. If the Japanese had created the WMD they certainly would have used it, possibly wiping out half of the world too and probably without warning.

12 Where it all fell in to place _opt

Plaque marking the spot of Hiroshima bomb

The Japanese killed and tortured just as many, if not more, people in their slave labour camps. Is this OK in a time of war? Having not signed the Geneva Convention, they did what they liked and killed hundreds of thousands of Asian, European, Australian and American POWs. Is slow torture and murder OK? They amount to the same thing and none can be excused. I know the Japanese people are victims in this tragedy, but it is their rulers and arrogant government that is more to blame. Perhaps they should be looking to their own government for an apology for putting them through this ordeal.

War cemetery at Don Rak, Thailand

War cemetery at Don Rak, Thailand

I love Japan and I love the people, but come on guys, you gave as good as you got. Why can’t we both just both forgive each other, but if we both cannot forgive, then let’s just forget it.

Peace and love, always.



Peace and love, always.

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