Travel Tip: Media Players

Media 2

We all know that our time spent on holiday is meant to be filled with outdoor activities but sometimes, especially on long trips, we just want to curl up in our hotel room and watch a movie. Laptops and Tablets are great for watching TV shows but, let’s face it, if we can get something out of the TV – all the better.

After years of travelling, I was introduced to the media player by a friend last year in Thailand. I know some people would have been using them for years, but it has revolutionised my ‘down time’. With a selection of input methods such as HDMI, RCA, Skart and VGA, it is easy to connect to any TV no matter how old it is. Complete with remote control, it is an essential tool when travelling for long periods, or with kids. Without trying to endorse any particular product, I won’t give the brand name of the one I’m using, but they can be found on Amazon, or most other electrical retailers. 

It’s a little bit like travelling around with my very own Skybox (filled with the TV shows I want to see). On those rainy days it’s a life saver …

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