The ‘Wingin’ it’ Whip

Whip Round

We’ve all heard of a whip round. When a bunch of people get some cash together to help someone out or put to a good cause.

When travelling with two or more people, it can be a good idea to put your money together to pay for all the things you do as a group.

It can be to pay a bar tab or a restaurant bill – or use it to pay for entrance fees or a taxi fare. This tends to make life much easier and avoids the hassle of splitting checks or scrounging to find money for a drink at the airport etc.

Depending on the length of your trip, you might want to put £100 each of currency in an envelope to begin with, and add another 50 or 100 as needed.

Normally it’s the most sensible person in the group who is nominated to be ‘Chief Whip’ and look after the money – which doesn’t mean the ‘Chief Whip’ has to pay every bill, but all funds required by the group as a whole come out of the ‘pot’.

If someone wishes to go out for a drink on their own, or wants to buy cigarettes etc, then they are responsible for that and pay for it out of their own pocket.

There are one or two rules that can be set out amongst your friends, depending on how well you know them. Or though it’s important for everyone to have what they want to eat and drink – drinking triple brandies all night long, whilst everyone else is on small beers, could be considered a little over the top!

Over many trips – and years – the law of averages states that it works out fair, even if this time you end up stuck in your hotel room ‘bog bound’ with the two bob bits, whilst the rest of the gang go out for a night on the town – using money from the whip.

It all depends on how mature you and your friends are, and of course how well you know them, but it really saves a lot of hassle when on holiday with friends or family.