My Travel Bucket List

To some people, these may seem like unusual choices. Why not the Grand Canyon or the Maldives? The answer is simple. These are the places and things I have always wanted to see and do:

1. Visit New Orleans and sit at the bar of a jazz club with a glass of bourbon, whilst enjoying an evening of live music.

Enjoy an evening of Jazz in New Orleans.

Enjoy an evening of Jazz in New Orleans.

My late father always told me I should visit New Orleans. When I was young, I was (and still am) a fan of the UK band, Oasis. My father always said that when I get older my musical tastes will change, and I’ll begin to appreciate a wider range of music, and he was right!

Although, I’m not a fan of Jazz per se – from listening to him tell the story of his trip to New Orleans, when he retired, it has been a place I have wanted to visit ever since.

2. Stand where Hitler’s feet stood when he made a speech

Nuremberg in '38

Nuremberg in ’38

Stolen from the Stereophonics song ”Nice to be out”.

A fantastic song written by Kelly Jones about some of the places he visited around the world, whilst on tour.

The first few lines of the song have always stuck with me – and visiting Nuremberg has been something I have always wanted to do as a result.

3. Swim with a great white shark.

Swimming with a great white.

Swimming with a great white.

As a teenager I used to watch ‘Shark Week’ all the time, where I discovered that great white sharks, whilst incredibly dangerous, are not the monsters the movies make out.

Undoubtedly, I would be absolutely terrified, but I hope to one day be in the water (and cage) with one of these magnificent animals, though I’m not all that keen on swimming in the sea anyway!.

4. Sit in a New York diner and have breakfast.

Breakfast at an American Diner.

Breakfast at an American Diner.

This is an easy one. I’ve grown up watching American movies. I believe that a trip to New York just wouldn’t be complete without some Bacon, Eggs and Hash Browns in an American diner.

5. Play poker in Las Vegas.

Poker in Vegas Baby!

Poker in Vegas Baby!

I first learnt to play poker as a teenager. Though, I rarely have the time to play very often; I think it is a fantastic game and is quite misunderstood by ‘Non Gamblers’.

I don’t gamble on any other sport, but poker is a game that has to be played for money. Otherwise people just wouldn’t play properly when they have nothing to lose.

After watching Poker on TV for the past few years, I’d get a real kick out of battling my wits against some players in Vegas.

6. Visit Panama and have a drink in the hotel bar.

Visit Panama and raise a toast to the old man!

Visit Panama and raise a toast to the old man!

The year before my father died, I was lucky enough to have spent a few months visiting with him at his house in Thailand. We spoke of taking a trip to Panama the following winter, as he was tempted to move there.

One thing my father and I both liked to do is sit at the hotel bar and while away the evening by having a few drinks – there’s just something about it that lets you know you’re on holiday!

We spent many late nights over the years on holiday, sitting at a hotel bar chatting away into the early hours – and is something I shall always miss.

Going to Panama was the last trip we planned together, and I would like to see it and have a drink at the hotel bar – the one that unfortunately was never meant to be.

7. Backpack through Africa

South to North – by hook or by crook.

Backpacking through Africa could be a little dangerous. Perhaps I should leave this one until last!

Some years ago I watched the TV travel show called “The long way down” staring movie actors Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman.

On one of the episodes, the guys meet a young American traveller, who started his journey in South Africa and was working his way North.

I found this to be an eye opener and have always wanted to do a similar trip. Starting in South Africa and working my way back to the UK.

8. Ride motorcycles through Vietnam

Motorcycling in Vietnam

Motorcycling in Vietnam

Yes of course, it’s because I have watched the Vietnam special of Top Gear!

I’ve been to Asia several times but have never quite made it there. Vietnam is a must see place and what better way to do it than to see some of the countryside by Motorbike.

9. Visit Mount Chimeara

Natural burning gases seeping from the earth.

Natural burning gases seeping from the earth.

After reading about Mount Chimeara in an in-flight magazine some years ago, it was immediately on my list of places to travel.

Near the city of Antalya, Turkey, The flaming gas seeps out of the rocks and is described as “a flame that does not die by day or by night.” The fires have been burning for at least 2,000 years, and once helped ancient mariners avoid the rocky shores.

10. See Petra in Jordan

Magnificent building carved from the rock face.

Magnificent building carved from the rock face.

I first saw this in the Movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and thought it looked amazing. Temples, tombs, and other buildings are all carved out of the sandstone cliffs, which also gives it the name the “Rose Red City”

So there we are – 10 places I have always wanted to visit since childhood.

Whilst I start working my way through this one, I’ll no doubt compile another list of 10 things to see and do, before I kick the bucket. What’s on your list?

Follow my blog and stay with me on my journey, as I try to fulfil my travel bucket list!

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