Make tea, not war

The air conditioning on long haul flights, can often leave you battling with a dry and even sore throat. Drinking hot black tea every hour or so helps to keep your mouth and throat moist, avoiding those mid-air Gremlins.

I discovered this when on a return flight from Malaysia to the UK. To my horror, when at the airport lounge, I realised I had packed my wallet into my suitcase, that had now been checked in. I was on a budget flight that wouldn’t let me have any food or water because I couldn’t pay for it.

The flight was 14 hours long. I told the stewardess my predicament and she only allowed me to have hot water from the kettle. The journey was torturous hell, but I realised the water helped me with my dry mouth during the long flight!


My Travel Bucket List

To some people, these may seem like unusual choices. Why not the Grand Canyon or the Maldives? The answer is simple. These are the places and things I have always wanted to see and do:

1. Visit New Orleans and sit at the bar of a jazz club with a glass of bourbon, whilst enjoying an evening of live music.

Enjoy an evening of Jazz in New Orleans.

Enjoy an evening of Jazz in New Orleans.

My late father always told me I should visit New Orleans. When I was young, I was (and still am) a fan of the UK band, Oasis. My father always said that when I get older my musical tastes will change, and I’ll begin to appreciate a wider range of music, and he was right!

Although, I’m not a fan of Jazz per se – from listening to him tell the story of his trip to New Orleans, when he retired, it has been a place I have wanted to visit ever since.

2. Stand where Hitler’s feet stood when he made a speech

Nuremberg in '38

Nuremberg in ’38

Stolen from the Stereophonics song ”Nice to be out”.

A fantastic song written by Kelly Jones about some of the places he visited around the world, whilst on tour.

The first few lines of the song have always stuck with me – and visiting Nuremberg has been something I have always wanted to do as a result.

3. Swim with a great white shark.

Swimming with a great white.

Swimming with a great white.

As a teenager I used to watch ‘Shark Week’ all the time, where I discovered that great white sharks, whilst incredibly dangerous, are not the monsters the movies make out.

Undoubtedly, I would be absolutely terrified, but I hope to one day be in the water (and cage) with one of these magnificent animals, though I’m not all that keen on swimming in the sea anyway!.

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Buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


Wingin logo

Hi, Welcome to my Wingin’ it adventures!

This is my blog about my upcoming travels. Over the coming years, I plan on some major touring of the planet, and hope you will join me on my quest.

I shall be writing about my adventures through my travelogues, and about the things I learn along the way. I hope that some of my traveller tales will encourage you to pack your suitcase and visit some of these places too.

Preparations for my latest journey to South East Asia are under way and I expect to start posting more on this very soon. There are many ways that you can join me on my adventures. The easiest way is to simply visit the homepage of My Wingin’ it Adventures and follow this blog in the sidebar to the right of the screen.

Other ways to follow me include:

The Concept

The basic idea being there is no set plan – I just turn up and see what happens. This is not strictly true for this first trip however as I am reasonably familiar with some of Asia already. There will be a general direction of travel but there won’t be any strict itinerary.

This year I am heading to Pattaya in Thailand to seek out some work opportunities, and as a writer, I am keen on keeping a log of the trip through my travelogue posts.

Travel Videos


I will be adding the best photos and short clips to the Raffstravels Instagram page every step of the way, so check it out for an up to the minute account of where I am and how things are panning out.

I love to cook and learn new recipes from around the globe, so I will be keeping a look out for some new tasty treats for the recipes blog on Mr Writer Speaks.

I have recently put together My Travel Bucket List that I fully intend to achieve over the next few years. Some are relatively small things, but entail a fantastic journey to fulfil them. Which, of course, I shall be writing about every step of the way.

So that’s about it for now, but there’s a lot more to come including travel tips and other travel related articles. So I hope you will join me on my upcoming adventures, and I look forward to hearing some of your feedback.

All the best.


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